What Do Your Resolutions Include?

Your annual corporate goals are a lot like New Year’s resolutions.  Aren’t they?

I got a fresh look at management and employee training needs for 2008 and beyond, when I read a recent article in the December 2007 issue of T + D Training + Development magazine.

When asked to share their expectations in the future job force, a pool of CEOs, authors and professors in the learning field answered specific questions in the article THE FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK. 

What will be the most sought after skills in future job markets?

  • Creativity--Creative workers take more risks and make decisions based on new ideas.  Economic development is based on creativity and staying one step ahead of the competition.
  • Leading teams comprised of diverse personality types--Between the diversity of clients and customers and the differences in Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and the Y generation, leading will require more skills than ever.
  • Idea discovery--Why should top managers come up with all the ideas?  Enlist your employees to think.  You don’t have to use their ideas, but listening to them may give management a new perspective on an old problem.

How can you attract and retain talented employees?

Learning--Younger workers are attracted to jobs with learning opportunities.  And, there won’t be enough potential hires with the required educational credentials. Companies might consider educational reimbursement as a benefit.

Whatever your corporate resolutions are for 2008, make sure you include learning opportunities for your “human capital”—your employees.

The Highland Community College Business Institute can help you with your corporate learning goals for 2008—and beyond.  Call 815-232-1362 or 815-291-6981, today!

Train to Know—the Power to Grow

by Kathleen Weber
Business Institute Training Coordinator

(1) T+D Training + Development magazine, December 2007, The Future of Learning and Work

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