Problem-Solving Secrets:
Managing Polarities for Greater Profit

How good are your problem-solving skills?

Do you solve one problem at your company or organization, only to find out you have created a new one? Does the old problem pop up again and again and cut into your profits?

You might be caught in a Polarity. 

  • Polarities are opposing viewpoints and/or perspectives that do not function well independently. Breathing is an example. How long can you inhale before you need to exhale? Inhaling and exhaling are the two poles of the breathing polarity.
  • Polarities in the business world, to name a few, are Quality and Quantity, Individual Contributor and the Team, my Product and the Market, Tradition and Innovation, Directive Supervision and Participation, Planning for the Future and Taking Action Now, Training for Work and Doing the Work.
  • Each opposite “pole” has an upside and a downside. The strategy is to identify the upsides of both poles and their downsides and to devise a plan that gives you the benefit of the upsides and that avoids, as much as possible, their respective downsides.

Polarity Management is the skill of identifying and managing unsolvable problems. The objective of the Polarity Management perspective is to obtain the best of the opposites.
There are easily learned mapping tools and a straight-forward strategy that readily becomes part of your thinking.

Businesses that effectively manage polarities outperform their competition by over 500%!

So, if you have one, or more, of those unsolvable problems, a dilemma, a paradox, are caught in “do I do this or do I do that,” or you just need a fresh approach to existing problems and issues, consider giving Polarity Management a try.

Manage your Polarities before they manage your business and, over time, cause less production, sinking morale, and even lower profits.  Business Institute instructor, Dieter Amman, can provide Polarity training to help recognize and solve those “unsolvable” problems at your business or organization. 

Call the Business Institute, today, to schedule a consultation, needs assessment, and Polarity Management training for your business at 815-232-1362.

Written and submitted by Dieter Ammann, management consultant and trainer for the Business Institute


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