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I would like to start by introducing myself. I am Scott R. Anderson, Dean of Business & Technology at Highland Community College.  In early spring 2008, I was given the added assignment of overseeing the daily operations of Highland Community College’s “Business Institute”. You may or may not be aware that my predecessor for the Business Institute, Laurie Gungel, has taken another position outside of the college. I have taught for and provided training for the Business Institute for the last 18 years. Also, several of my current Business & Technology instructors teach for the Business Institute, so I feel very comfortable with this addition.


  • One of my major goals for the Business Institute is for us to work seamlessly with the Business & Technology division along with others within the college. I feel we have already made great strides in this area.
  • Another major goal is to work hard to plan relevant workforce development and educational opportunities more in advance, so that you, our training partners, can more easily plan to attend these events.
  • An additional goal I have is to build and better maintain our relationships with all of our active partners. To be in position to serve the immediate needs of the area businesses, we need to have an open avenue for direct communication. Both sides need to be able to adjust to the never ending changes that occur.
  • I also see the need for the Business Institute to stay very focused in order to accomplish these goals and to better serve the organizations and businesses in the Highland Community College district and surrounding area.

We are committed to continuous assessment of our performance and finding better ways to partner with those in our region. I am very confident in the current Business Institute staff (though slightly under staffed) and their ability to serve you well.

Feel free to call me with any concerns or comments you have at 1-815-599-3604.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Best Wishes,


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