Celebrate Every Step of the Way

The holiday season brings out the best celebrations at home, with friends, and at work. Celebrations at work are especially valuable; they can acknowledge achievements, provide a fun time, and renew commitments.

Now, during this holiday season and as 2006 comes to a close, is a perfect time to celebrate your accomplishments and successes. These celebrations should extend through the rest of the year. It’s important to take the time each day throughout the year to mentally note accomplishments, small and large, and to show appreciation to individuals and teams for a job well done. Celebrate every step of the way. Don’t just wait to hit your goals.

Your employees’ satisfaction is vital to your employee retention and your bottom line. Valued employees are often loyal employees. Your employees’ morale and job satisfaction is a direct link to your business’s productivity and, ultimately, profitability. Research shows that being valued has greater importance than other incentives – even money. The secret to showing your employees that they are valued is quite simple.

The best way employers can show appreciation towards their employees — and demonstrate that the company cares about them — is to make investments in their personal and professional well-being and their education. Employees want raises, education or training, benefits, flexible schedules, and recognition — pats on the back — little celebrations.

by Kathleen Weber
Training Coordinator
Highland Community College Business Institute

Happy Holidays from the Business Institute

Happy Holidays from the Business Institute: Julia Brandt, Deb Hayenga, Laurie Gungel and Kathleen Weber. As our gift to you during this holiday season, here’s a festive punch recipe for your celebration!

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