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Steve Gellings

Electronics Instructor
Office Number: T-135

Steve Gellings, electronics instructor: A.A.S., Gateway Technical Institute; B.S., University of Wisconsin, Stout; M.Ed., University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse.

Through Steve Gellings’ contacts and intern work experience how to meditate at several local companies, he stays up-to-date with current trends and industry needs. He then incorporates these local industry experiences into class assignments and lab activities. During Steve’s classes, students do not merely listen to lectures, they also participate in organized, application oriented, and hands-on learning. Because the electronics area is often interrelated to other areas, students may also have an opportunity to enroll in a class to team-up with others students who have an emphasis in other areas, for example drafting, computer aided design, welding and machining. Steve has taught electronics at HCC over 20 years.

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