Attending Highland will save you several thousand dollars in college costs compared to attending a four-year institution. And last year the HCC Foundation awarded approximately $350,000 dollars in scholarships. We're making going to college even easier for our students.

See 2016-17 Tuition and Fees here.


In-District students $141 per credit hour
Out-of-District students $234 per credit hour
Out-of State students $236 per credit hour
Senior Citizens age 61-64 $106 per credit hour
International students To be determined
HCC courses online for In-District students $141 per credit hour
HCC courses online for Out-of-District students $234 per credit hour
ICE online courses approved by advisor $141 per credit hour
Employed in Highland district * Out-of-District/In District $141 per credit hour
* Applies to out-of-district and out-of-state students who work 35 hours a week or more in the Highland district. It also applies to athletes covered by a scholarship or enrolled in a cooperative agreement program not offered at their local community college.
Senior Citizen 65+ Tuition Waiver
All senior citizens rates are applied on a space available basis only. The student is responsible for all course fees. To qualify, the student must provide homestead exemption certification.
Registration fee $15 per semester
Online course fee $15 per course
Technology fee $16 per credit hour
Activity fee $9 per credit hour
Graduation fee $30 per student
Proficiency fee $25 plus $25 per credit hour
Some courses and labs require a fee that varies according to the subject. varies
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee $30
ACH return fee $20
Stop Payment fee $25
For details about how to pay your tuition and fees, visit: Online Bill Pay


Registration fee

This per semester fee is assessed upon initial registration for a course, or courses, bearing tuition. Students and residents registering exclusively for Community Education courses and other classes for which no tuition is assessed will not incur the registration fee.

Students who drop all classes prior to the end of the add/drop period will have the registration fee removed from their account, or refunded.


Tuition Refund Policy

Regular Semester
Students who "No-Record" drop classes anytime during the first ten days of the semester will receive a 100 percent tuition refund.

Regular Summer Session
Students who "No-Record" drop classes anytime during the first five days of the summer session will receive a 100 percent tuition refund.

Other Sessions
Students who enroll in courses that are less than eight weeks in length (this includes continuing education courses) will receive "No-Record" drops and refunds based on a formula using the number of class sessions. Students should consult with the Office of Admissions and Records for specific dates.

Withdrawals made after the "no record/drop date"
Students who withdraw from a class after the "no record/drop date" will be required to pay the tuition and fees in full. A "W" will be recorded on their official transcript. The "no record/drop date" is listed in the academic calendar.

Students who are receiving financial aid will need to stop by the Financial Aid department. Withdraws do effect financial aid.


Net Price Calculator

The net price calculator is a tool for students and parents to use to get the estimate of what it may cost to attend Highland Community College each year. It is important for you to understand that the information you receive from the calculator is a broad estimate.

The Net Price Calculator is not an official application for financial aid and is not a substitute for applying for financial aid. The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (www.fafsa.ed.gov) to be eligible for and receive Federal student aid funds.

The results provided here should only be considered a rough estimate and they do not guarantee the actual financial aid the student will receive. Many factors come into play when we award financial aid to students including, but not limited to: deadlines, levels of funding, grade levels, and academics.

This estimate is not final, is not binding, and may change.

It is also important to note that the net price calculator does not incorporate Federal Stafford Loans into its financial aid calculations.

Click Here to Use the NePrice Calculator


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