Please see an overview of our Academic Divisions here at Highland.

Business & Technology

In technology classThe Business and Technology Division stretches into the many different areas of automotive service, agricultural management, equine science, early childhood education, business administration, computer programming, industrial technology, and cosmetology.

Because many of the areas in the Business and Technology Division require a short-term commitment of 12 to 24-months of education, you will have the opportunity to put your education to work in little time. Once you complete your degree or certificate, you will be ready to meet the work world head on—you can start a new career and improve your earning power right away. With an infusion of business courses into our curriculum, many of our business and technology graduates choose to establish their own businesses.

You will learn the ins and outs from talented instructors. Visit our faculty and staff section and start getting to know the experts in business and technology.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts

Making pottery in Fine Arts ClassThe Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts Division is one of our cornerstones. Our social sciences area is a birthplace to great thinkers, philosophers, political leaders, and social and behavioral scientists. The humanities area gives students an opportunity to find and enrich your artistic and creative talents.

Humanities is key during college and life beyond the college classroom. A strong grounding in Humanities is important for every student. You may choose to take a class or two, or you may find a new interest—even an academic home. This can be your beginning of your quest for advanced degrees.

Visit our faculty and staff section and read about the dedicated and talented faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division.

Science and Health

Mathmatics Instructor pointing to chalkbaord

The Science and Health Division houses all science, math, and health care programs. Professionals in the science and health division, such as biological scientists, chemists, environmentalists, health care providers, physical trainers, teachers, and veterinarians, need to be prepared for exciting opportunities and challenges.

If you pursue any of these fields, you will use the latest advances in equipment. Depending on the specific field, you will also study chronic infectious viruses and new strands of diseases, or focus on biological and environmental concerns.

You will learn the basics of science and health degrees in these programs. You will be prepared for advanced baccalaureate-level classes as well.

Take a closer look at our faculty and staff to see who’ll be leading the lectures and the labs in the science and health fields.


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