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Wind Turbine Technician - AAS
Basic Wind Turbine Technician - Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Advanced Wind Turbine Technician - Certificate (Gainful Employment info)

Associate of Applied Science

Wind Turbine Technician Associate of Applied Science
The high demand for wind turbines is creating a shortage of trained and qualified wind energy technicians, or windsmiths, who provide maintenance on the turbines. Highland provides instruction in wind turbine technology, turbine maintenance, tower safety, and wind economics. Graduates of this program will be prepared for rewarding and profitable careers in this growing field.

Students in the HCC wind turbine technology associate of applied science (AAS) program learn how to assemble, maintain, and repair wind turbines used in energy generation. Those interested in the wind turbine technology program should have strong mechanical skills, similar to those of auto repair technicians, with good basic math and communication skills. Students must also have no fear of heights as they will be scaling wind towers as part of their job.

Wind Turbine Technician – Certificate
The Highland Community College Wind Turbine Technician certificate program prepares individuals to work in the emerging wind power energy industry. Students will complete an industry-derived curriculum as they learn about the electrical power generation industry, safety at the worksite, mechanical devices, as well as hydraulic and electrical systems. Courses take place in traditional classrooms, and at various lab settings on campus. Graduates enter the workforce needing further on the job training to become a wind turbine technician. They will, however, posses the basic skills needed to complete more advanced training and coursework.

For entry into the wind turbine technology program, students need to complete a pre-assessment and have certain scores in math and writing for admittance, along with maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA. In wind-specific courses, students must earn a B or better to maintain their status in the program.

Our Wind Turbine Technology Faculty:

Steve Gellings
Dave Vrtol

Wind Turbine Technology Scholarship Opportunities:

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