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Auto Body Repair  - AAS  Certificate (Gainful employment info)
Automotive Service Level I - Certificate (Gainful employment info)
Automotive Service Level II - Certificate (Gainful employment info)
Automotive Mechanics - AAS

Associate of Applied Science

Auto Body Repair
Associate of Applied Science
Students in the auto body repair program (AAS) master the fundamentals of repairing and refinishing damaged vehicles and their components. HCC students learn about damage analysis, cost estimation, welding, metal body panel repair, and replacement, cutting, and repairing fiberglass body parts, auto glass, and body trim repair. Students also learn how to mix and apply the proper paint to the required component of the vehicle during classroom and laboratory experiences. Students apply their classroom knowledge during hands-on time in the technologically advanced shop area.

Automotive Service Level I and II
Automotive service (Cert.) students are well prepared for employment in this area as a result of their HCC education. Highland automotive programs include auto body repair, automatic transmissions and air conditioning, automotive mechanics, engine performance, engine repair, manual drive trains and axles, suspension and steering, and brakes. Since there are record numbers of automobiles on the highways, HCC recognizes the need for specialized professionals in this field. Completion of this certificate prepares students for the ASE Certification Tests. ASE accepts the two-year HCC auto program as one year of work experience.

Automotive Mechanics
Associate of Applied Science
The automotive mechanics associate of applied science (AAS) program prepares students through the combination of work and education, for employment in the areas of computerized engine controls, air conditioning, transmissions, alignments, brakes, and engine overhaul. Certification is possible for automotive service excellence/master automobile technician.

Possible Career Paths
Program graduates are qualified for a career in repairing and servicing of mechanical and electrical parts of cars, trucks, buses, and other automotive vehicles. Job openings in the automotive field include general technicians or specialists in engines, brakes, drive trains, transmissions, steering/suspension, electrical systems, tune-up/emission control, or heating/air conditioning. The outlook for employment in the automotive field is excellent due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road and the growing complexity of automotive technology.

Our Automotive Faculty:

Jim Palmer, Automotive Technology faculty

William Robertson, Automotive Technology faculty

Todd Vacek, Auto Body faculty

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