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Early Childhood Education - AAS  AA

Early Childhood Education Certificate Program 1 - Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Early Childhood Education Certificate Program 2 - Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Associate of Applied Science

Early Childhood Education
The early childhood certificate program prepares students for the many positions in this field. This program is a direct link to the shaping of the next generation, as graduates guide children through their social, cognitive, and emotional development. The associate of applied science (AAS) degree prepares students to care for young children while simultaneously teaching social and developmental functions. The two-year degree includes general education requirements and leadership curriculum.

Possible Career Paths
With additional education, early childhood certificate graduates can have careers in elementary education, social work, family therapy, library science, and research. Early childhood graduates with an associate of applied science degree are qualified to be employed as child care workers, group workers, or child care directors in child development programs. AAS graduates must demonstrate good emotional and physical health and submit to a background check before working in a children’s facility.

Our Early Childhood Faculty:
Melissa Johnson, early childhood development faculty

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