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Foreign Languages

Associate of Arts/Associate of Science Recognizing the importance of communication, Highland offers comprehensive English courses for the student whose goal is to gain proficiency in the English language. A wide variety of English associate of arts (AA) and associate of science (AS) courses offer the opportunity for effective oral and written communication and an understanding of literature.

French, German, and Spanish
The French, German, and Spanish (AA and AS) courses are designed to provide fundamental usage skills in these languages. Students receive extensive practice in speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension. With technological advancements and the Internet, the geographical world is being replaced by an interconnected global world. Now, more than ever, an understanding of languages is imperative.

Possible Career Paths
Because communication is vital for all occupations, there are tremendous opportunities for someone who has proficiency in the English language or is multilingual. Language skills supplement degrees in business, industry, science, technology, and professional areas.

Our English, Foreign Language Faculty:
Kay Ostberg, English faculty

Sam Fiorenza, English faculty
Kent Johnson, English and Spanish faculty

Tracy Mays, English and German faculty

Kate Perkins, English Faculty

Donna Tufariello, English faculty

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