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Computer Aided Design, Mechanical - Certificate

(Gainful employment info)
Industrial Electronics and Control - Certificate

(Gainful employment info)
Machine Processes - Certificate

(Gainful employment info)
Industrial Maintenance Technician - Certificate

(Gainful employment info)
Welding and Fabrication - Certificate (Gainful employment info)
Basic Welding - Certificate (Gainful employment info)



Industrial Manufacturing Technology
The industrial manufacturing technology program, computer-aided design, industrial electronics and controls, machine processes, quality, and welding/ fabrication programs adjust to the increasing technological demands of industry and broadening scope of abilities needed by today’s manufacturing professionals. The programs includes a core of competencies essential to a variety of disciplines and advanced studies in specialty areas.

Industrial Manufacturing Technology Faculty:
Steve Gellings

Aaron Sargent

Industrial Manufacturing Scholarship Opportunities:
Marion Byram
Eduard Buss Business and Technology
James A. Davis Memorial
Wid Hance Automotive

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