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Industrial Mechatronics

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Mechatronics - Associate of Applied Science


Associate of Applied Science

Industrial Manufacturing Technology

When graduates of the Mechatronics program enter

industry, they bring with them the wide range of skills that local and regional employers are seeking.

They have experience with electricity and electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics, sensors and motors, and tool usage. Graduates will be versed in welding, machining,

and other manufacturing processes, as well as troubleshooting as it relates to industrial equipment.

The degree includes health and safety instruction and an internship where students develop skills while applying their maintenance knowledge.

This breadth of knowledge and experience will prepare Mechatronics graduates for entry level employment at any facility that requires general maintenance and repair. This would include, but is not limited to, Manufacturing, Value Added Agriculture, or any business with automation.


Industrial Manufacturing Technology Contacts:

Scott Anderson, dean of Business and Technology

Steve Gellings, faculty member

Aaron Sargent, faculty member

Industrial Manufacturing Scholarship Opportunities:
Marion Byram
Eduard Buss Business and Technology
James A. Davis Memorial

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