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Paraprofessional Education - AAS/Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Associate of Applied Science

Paraprofessional Education

The purpose of the Paraprofessional AAS Degree and certificate program is to prepare prospective teacher aides to enter the workforce after meeting the Federal Teacher Aide Certification requirements. As education has moved towards specialization, one of the largest areas of growth is the teacher aide field. This growth has created an increasing need for properly trained and certified teacher aides. The Highland Community College, Teacher Aide, Paraprofessional AAS Degree Program offers the student the theory and practical skills training necessary to not only meet certification requirements, but to exceed them.

The target population for the Teacher Aide, Paraprofessional AAS Degree Program includes the following: persons desiring career entry skills; displaced workers pursuing retraining into new career areas; and current teacher aides in need of upgraded skills. There are two items of particular interest in this program. The first is the attention given to communications and math skills. Feedback from the college curriculum and instruction committee has traditionally assured faculty that emphasizing these areas will afford improved academic value for students.

The second noteworthy feature concerns the component of special education and educational technology in the curriculum. These areas are of vital importance to today's educator, and having strong skills in each will enable teacher aides who are graduated from our program to contribute significant value to full-time teachers in their school settings.

The Teacher Aide, Paraprofessional AAS Degree Program is complementary to the Early Childhood Education Program and Associate of Applied Science programs at Highland Community College. The programs will share faculty, facilities, and resources allowing improved economies of delivery. Appraisals of local market need have shown a considerable demand for trained teacher aides. A review of local employers indicates a steady demand for this career to address issues of growth and employee

Our Paraprofessional Education Faculty:
Melissa Johnson, early childhood development faculty

Paraprofessional Education Scholarship Opportunities:
Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill Scholarship
Harold D. Walkup Scholarship
Eduard Buss Humanities and Social Science Scholarship

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