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Jeremy Bradt

Director, Enrollment and Records
Office Number: H-251

As the Manager of Director, Enrollment and Records, Jeremy Bradt dedicates all his time to ensure that Highland Community College students have a positive and successful start to their college career. His responsibilities are to manage and coordinate the admissions, registration, and enrollment services for Highland Community College students.

Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in business-information management and a master of science degree in college student personnel from Western Illinois University.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has earned extensive work experience in a collegiate environment. His professional experience has revolved around working with students all the way from the registration process to examining retention.

When Jeremy isn’t helping students, he enjoys basketball, running and weight lifting. He also works with youth ministry, spends time with his family, and gardens.

Jeremy credits his parents for teaching him that hard work, determination, and organization can help with success. These traits are sure to be beneficial to Highland students as well.

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