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HCC faculty member Kent Johnson publishes Uruguayan poetry collection

FREEPORT � Highland Community College is pleased to announce the publication of English and Spanish instructor Dr. Kent Johnson�s recent collaboration �Hotel Lautr�amont: Contemporary Poetry from Uruguay.� Johnson co-edited the bilingual anthology of Uruguayan poetry with esteemed Latin-American poet and critic Roberto Echavarren.

Dr. Kent Johnson

Johnson began the tedious process of selecting, editing and acquiring permission for materials almost three years ago. A childhood resident of Montevideo, he returned to Uruguay and sought the expertise of Echavarren � a poet with whom he was already familiar. Echavarren and over a dozen translators helped bring the concept to fruition, the first of its kind in almost 40 years. funny animal pictures

�Our book focuses on work done since 1970 by the most innovative Uruguayan poets,� said Johnson.��As I mention in my�Preface to the book, there are certainly other poets of�prominence that could have been included, but we opted for a targeted selection of work by the leading names in the Uruguayan�poetic field.� funny pictures

Johnson explained that like many written art forms in the international community, Uruguayan poetry is well-respected but lagging in English translation. He hopes the anthology will �provide an introduction to some extraordinary writers and lead to other translators�engaging their work at greater length.� funny images

The bilingual presentation of a collection is hardly a new concept in poetry. However, the �Harvard Review� online journal is allowing the practice to evolve by highlighting six selections from �Hotel Lautr�amont� in its first ever interactive bilingual poetry feature. funny photos

Johnson has been previously recognized for his translation efforts by the PEN Literary Awards and has been named �State Teacher of the Year� by the Illinois Community College Trustees Association during his two decades at Highland. He is also the recipient of a Pushcart Book of the Month Award, an Illinois Arts Council Poetry Award, an NEA Literature Fellowship, and a Lalicorne Residency in Montevideo.

Detailed information about the anthology and its online publication in the �Harvard Review� is available at

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