Adult Education holds a successful book club program

As Volunteer Literacy Coordinator, Esther Mayer has many students come through her program for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Many of these students are also part of the Adult Education Program. Upon suggestion by the Illinois Secretary of State, she developed a pilot program to hold a Book Club for students enrolled in Adult Education.

The objective of the club is to develop a love of reading, provide an additional learning opportunity and enhance camaraderie through book discussions. The Book Club began April 4 and will end May 30.

"I am very pleased with the participation and interaction of attenders," Mayer said. "It's exciting to listen to them share what they are learning."

The book club is reading "The Way It Works" by William Kowalski, which deals with adult themes of homelessness and entrepreneurship, written at an early elementary grade level. Due to the request of the participants, the book club focuses on oral reading and vocabulary. With the assistance of the book club, low-level readers are able to experience success in reading.

The book club is facilitated by volunteers.

Jan Rink, an adult education volunteer, facilitates a session with the book club as Juan Ramirez looks on.

Juan Ramirez, 66, is a student in Adult Education. Upon prompting to be part of the book club, he said the book, and being part of the club, "helps me with my reading skills and breaking down words."

"I'm like a little kid with this book," Ramirez said. "This book is fascinating and I didn't know how much I didn't know how to read. This has really helped me."

Mayer said due to the success of the pilot program, there are plans in the future to begin another book club.


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