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Highland's 'The Prairie Wind' is now available

The 2014 issue of the "The Prairie Wind" art and literary magazine is now available at the following locations on the Highland Community College campus:


The Clarence Mitchell Library, Marvin-Burt Liberal Arts Center, second floor
J. Rosemary Shockey Bookstore, Student/Conference Center, first floor
The Fine Arts Office, Ferguson Fine Arts Center

"The Prairie Wind" is a diverse collection of poetry, artwork, photography and music from the many members of the Highland community. It is produced annually by students and staff in the Humanities and Fine Arts departments at HCC. It has been published since 1992. Each issue is created by an editorial staff composed of students and volunteer community members who are guided by a team of faculty advisors. There is no cost for the magazine.


Contributors published in this year's issue are: Osama Alamidi, Linda M. Hoch Auman, Carrie Baxter, Tom Bruehler, Gary Creger, Nancy Creger, Salena DeBoer, Fran DeMong, Katie Engelkens, Louise Flannery, Luke Fransen, Bonnie Geisert, Graham Gusloff, Kelly Hayenga, Amy Hesselbacher,, Cameron Holub, Joy Horton, Doug Janicke, Gary Johnson, Ph.D, Laura S. Kearney, Laura Kniss, Kelli LaShelle, Brandon Loos, Anita Meyers, Carolyn Miller, Alexandria Mitchell, Marcus North, Mia Nottrott, Paul Rabideau, Jerica M. Sager, Kurt Simpson, Lyndsey Spurlock, Barbara C. Untersee, Linda Vietmeyer, Kiersten Joy Vondra, Eleanor Wells, and Curt Yoder.


"The Prairie Wind" is a publication of Highland Community College.

2998 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL 61032-9341

Fax 815-235-6130

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