Clarence Mitchell Library at HCC presents Black History Month program

 Highland Community College's Clarence Mitchell Library is pleased to offer a program for Black History Month. Guest speaker Jeanne Schultz Angel will speak about the role the State of Illinois played during the anti-slavery movement in the mid-nineteenth century.

"The Anti-Slavery Movement in Black and White," will take place at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 10 at the Clarence Mitchell Library at Highland. The program is about understanding the differences between those who were anti-slavery and those who were radical abolitionists. It explores the understanding of how the Underground Railroad was viewed in Illinois and how to determine which of the historical sites are verifiable. Explore the history behind the anti-slavery movement in northern Illinois and examine the criteria historians use to separate fact from fiction.

Jeanne Schultz Angel, the speaker for the program, is a native of Chicago. She is the executive director of the Illinois Association of Museums.  Her master's thesis, awarded the "Cavanaugh Award for the Most Outstanding Master's Thesis" for 2005, was on the anti-slavery movement in northeastern Illinois.

The event is being produced in part by the Illinois Humanities Council's Road Scholars Speakers Bureau, a program that provides organizations statewide with affordable, entertaining, and thought-provoking humanities events for communities. A roster of speakers, hailing from 16 different towns and cities across Illinois, present topics in history, culture, literature, music, politics, law, science and more. Mallory Laurel, the IHC's coordinator for the program states, "The contagious passion for our speakers have for their topics is what makes this program so dynamic and appealing. We don't need to change lives; we just want audiences to feel curious again."

The event is free and open to all audiences. The Clarence Mitchell Library is located on the second floor of the Marvin-Burt Liberal Arts Center at Highland Community College, 2998 W. Pearl City Road in Freeport. For more information, contact Laura Watson at 815.599.3456 or

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