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Classroom Accommodations

There are a variety of accommodations that may be applicable to classroom settings to reduce barriers and increase access. Accommodations are determined on an individualized, case by case basis. Select examples of classroom accommodations include:

  • Use of personal laptop with assistive technology installed

  • Assistive Listening Devices

  • Copies of visual aids prior to or after class

  • Provision of early syllabus when available

  • Preferred seating (e.g. front of class; back of class)

  • Access to food and beverage during class

  • Tape recording lectures

Equipment and Materials Available

ADA Services has some equipment, recorded books, and other materials available for student use. Some equipment is also available for student loan. Please speak with the Coordinator for the complete list of materials available for use or loan. Priority is given to students needing equipment for exams. Other needs for class related assignments can be scheduled subject to availability. Any student borrowing equipment or materials from ADA Services will be asked to sign a loan agreement. All equipment must be returned to ADA Services, at the end of the semester, in the same condition as it was borrowed. If equipment is not returned by the established deadline or the equipment is damaged, a fee for the replacement or repair cost will be placed on the student’s record.  

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