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Need an interesting and enlightening presentation for your organization, club, school, church, business, or civic group?

The Highland Community College Speakers Bureau can help. Whether you're interested in knowing more about fine arts, cosmetology, social sciences, or nursing programs - or Highland Community College in general - our Speakers Bureau can provide the expert to present to your group.

The Speakers Bureau is a community service of Highland Community College. Our speakers are volunteers who donate their time to promote education. For more information, or to schedule a speaker, call 815.599.3413 to set up a program.


Liz Gerber

Liz Gerber, Associate Vice President of Student Services

Highland Community College consistently offers local access to quality education. Learn about the College's efforts to remain vital and continually strive to meet the needs of our community and students. This presentation also includes a compelling story of student success.

Thedford Jackson

Thedford Jackson, Transfer Coordinator/Student Advisor

Student Advising and Transfer. Which four-year institutions are HCC graduates transferring to, and how well do they perform at those schools? This presentation is filled with interesting information focusing on the student population that chooses to complete transfer degrees and how Highland assists these students along the way.

Mark Jansen

Mark Jansen, Director of Adult Education Programs

GED and Literacy Programs. Learn more about Highland's adult education programs offered throughout the College district. This presentation includes discussion of the need for GED and literacy programming, as well as the goals and successes of these grant funded services. Literacy tutoring services are also discussed. The presentation can be tailored to connect to the specific mission of the requesting group.

beth koeller

Beth Koeller, Director of Columbia College

Columbia College- Bachelor's and Master's degrees available. Highland's partnering four-year institution- Columbia College offers four-year bachelor degrees on the campus of Highland Community College and has recently begun to offer graduate programs in Business, Teaching, and Criminal Justice through online classes. Find out more about how Columbia College serves the HCC district .

Cathie Schmerse

Cathie Schmerse, Cosmetology Instructor

Highland's Cosmetology department has been training future salon professionals for over 30 years. While gaining the skills needed for state licensure as a cosmetologist or nail technician, students serve customers daily on the salon floor. Students are trained with the most up to date equipment and products in the industry. The program has for years had a 100% pass rate on the state licensure exam and a 100% job placement rate.

John Webb

John Webb, Theatre Instructor

HCC Fine Arts Program. Discover how Highland College Fine Arts programs benefit members of the community by providing opportunities to continue their personal ambitions. Fine Arts at HCC offers the elite opportunity to be a conduit to big dreams. Learn about student success stories who are currently working in the industry.


Alan Wenzel, Speech and Communications Instructor/Director of Leadership Institute

Best Moments in American Films. From "Gone With the Wind" to "Singin' in the Rain" to "Jaws" to "The Godfather", everyone has a favorite scene or moment from a movie. Several of the best moments from some of the greatest American films ever made will be presented and discussed.

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