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Gender, Drag, and Binaries, Oh My: Let’s Talk About It!

Monday, November 22, 2021

10:00 AM

Location: Zoom™

Does drag challenge or reinforce the gender binary, or is that yet another binary?! Most of us have been socialized into an internalized gender as a strict binary. Unlearning can be contentious, uncomfortable, and confusing, particularly when we find examples of the binary reinforced within queer and trans spaces, such as in drag. This session will be an open discussion for us to dive into this and other topics. “Unlearners” at all levels are welcome!

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Meeting ID: 860 3914 3217
Passcode: 007318

Dr. T.J. Jourian is an independent scholar, consultant, and trainer with Trans*Formational Change. Centering trans and queer people of color’s experiences and epistemologies, his research examines race, gender, and sexuality in higher education, with particular attention to masculinity, transness, and racialization; campus gender and sexuality centers and practitioners; and trans*ing constructs and methodologies. Dr. Jourian has spoken, trained, and consulted at hundreds of college campuses, conferences, and community-based organizations across Turtle Island.