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Panopto (video hosting platform and more) is here!

Panopto Informational, a Moodle course has been created for up-to-date information plus all the Highland created guides.

Here is a short video on how enable Panopto in Moodle,

About Panopto:
Fully integrated into Moodle
Initial sign-in through Moodle creates Panopto folder and account
Videos are created locally then uploaded to Panopto
Once added to a course, all will roll-over into a new course
Closed captions are created automatically and editable
Panopto has provided instructional videos

Instructions to enable Panopto in Moodle

1. Open a class in Moodle,
2. Add block, add Pantopto
3. Scroll down to the block, click on Provision the course
Panopto has created your account and is ready to use and Panopto is available as an icon in all text boxes. You may go directly to, log on using your Highland credentials.

To create a video in a course,

Turn editing on
Add a label
Click on Panopto icon
Upload an existing PowerPoint, if desired
Click on red record button
Click on red button to stop recording
Wait as the video processes
When edit button becomes active, begin editing. Panopto does not completely cut content
Panopto trainings were held on August 15 2019,  and recorded.  Below are the links to those sessions.
Session 1: begins around 1:23.
Session 2:, begins around 6:33. This training also included information on how to setting up Panopto to allow students to record which is located around 54:50.
Panopto is not installed on any classroom instructor workstations.  If you would like it installed on a classroom instructor workstation to allow recording a document camera, please email

Creating Closed Captions

All video content should have closed captions when created.

Using Panopto: To create closed captions, either create a video in Panopto or upload to Panopto.  After several minutes, machine-generated captions are available. In edit mode, select “captions” from the menu on the left side and choose “Import Automatic Captions” from the dropdown menu.  The captions will need to be edited, just click on the text box for the caption and edit.

Using YouTube: Export the file as an .mp4, upload to YouTube, and in several minutes YouTube will have created closed captions.  Closed captions are 95% accurate, editable, and you are able to view a transcript.  Click on each link for the instructions for the task. How to Create a YouTube AccountSetting Up a YouTube Channel,  and Automatically creating caption files for YouTube videos.