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Novell Messenger

Novell Messenger is an instant messaging client that is part of the GroupWise email suite.

Launching Messenger
  1. From your HCC Apps window navigate to Employee Apps
  2. Find the icon labeled, “Instant Messenger”.
  3. Double-click to launch and sign in using your Highland credentials.
  4. Alternatively you can launch messenger from the GroupWise client
    1. Under the menu bar, Tools -> Messenger -> Launch Messenger
Using Messenger

By default, Messenger appears blank and you must add contacts in order to message them.  Add a contact following the steps below:

  1. In the Messenger application, click “Add Contact”
  2. A search box will appear.  Start by typing the users name (full or partial) and push enter.  
  3. Find the user you would like to add, highlight, and click “Add”.  
  4. Your newly added user will appear in  your Contact List.
  5. Double click to start a conversation.