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2019-2020 Tuition and Fees


In-District students
$146 per credit hour

Out-of-District students
$244 per credit hour

Out-of-State students
$244 per credit hour

Senior Citizens ages 61-64
$111 per credit hour


Fundamentals of Nursing (NURS 191)
$183 per credit hour, In-District students
$305 per credit hour, Out-of-District students
$305 per credit hour, Out-of-State students
$139 per credit hour, Senior Citizens ages 61-64

International students
To be determined

Online Courses

HCC courses online for In-District students
$146 per credit hour

HCC courses online for Out-of-District students
$244 per credit hour

ICE online courses approved by an advisor
$146 per credit hour

Employed in Highland district * Out-of-District/In District
$146 per credit hour
* Applies to out-of-district and out-of-state students who work 35 hours a week or more in the Highland district. It also applies to athletes covered by a scholarship or enrolled in a cooperative agreement program not offered at their local community college.

Senior Citizen 65+ Tuition Waiver
All senior citizens rates are applied on a space-available basis only. The student is responsible for all course fees. To qualify, the student must provide homestead exemption certification.


Registration fee
$15 per semester

Online course fee
$15 per course

Technology fee
$19 per credit hour

Activity fee
$13 per credit hour

Graduation fee
$30 per student

Proficiency fee
$25 plus $25 per credit hour

Some courses and labs require a fee that varies according to the subject.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee

ACH return fee

Stop Payment fee