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Dual Credit

Many students participate in a state approved program known as “Dual Credit,” where high school or home schooled students take college-level courses at their vocational center, local school, or at Highland Community College. During the program, students may receive college credit as well as high school credit.

Students must complete the same prerequisites, course content, and evaluation of outcomes as in the traditional college course. Course grades are recorded on the HCC transcript in the same way they are done regularly enrolled college students and may be used toward a Career and Technical Education degree, a certificate program at HCC, or transferred to other colleges.

A variety of courses are available in technical and transfer areas. Depending on career and technical program and course availability, students may earn from one to over 20 college credits before their high school graduation.

In some cases, the tuition for career and technical courses is paid by the vocational system or local school district. Students may be required to pay tuition, course fees, and the cost of textbooks. Students and their parents or guardians are encouraged to check with their local high school counselors for course availability and advising.

Students in dual credit courses must be over age 16, and have the approval of their school before registering.

For more information regarding dual credit at Highland, contact the Coordinator, Outreach and Dual Credit at 815-599-3512.

For more information regarding transfer course dual credit, contact the Transfer Coordinator at 815-599- 3487, and for additional information about career and technical course dual credit, contact the Dean of Business and Technology at 815-599-3604.

Dual Credit Schools and Vocational Centers

CareerTEC (vocational center)
CTE Academy (vocational center)
East Dubuque
Pearl City
River Ridge
Scales Mound
Stillman Valley


FallSpringFull-YearHCC Course NumberCreditsHCC Course NameHigh School Course NameInstructor
AGOC 1143Principles of Plant SciencePlant Science/Biological Science Applications Tryggestad
AGOC 1163Principles of Animal SciencePlant Science/Biological Science ApplicationsTryggestad
AGOC 1183Basic Horticultural ScienceHorticultural Production & MgmtTryggestad
AGOC 1323Landscape DesignLandscaping and Turf MgmtTryggestad


FallSpringFull-YearHCC Course NumberCreditsHCC Course NameHigh School Course NameInstructor
ACCT 1023Fundamentals of BookkeepingAccounting IMcShane
INFT 1311Beginning Microsoft WordMicrosoft Office I & IIMcShane
INFT 1351PowerPointMicrosoft Office I & IIMcShane
INFT 1401Beginning ExcelMicrosoft Office I & IIMcShane
MATH 1113Technical MathTech MathHanley
AGOC 1143Principles of Plant SciencePlant Science/HorticultureParks
AGOC 1163Principles of Animal ScienceAnimal Science/Advanced Animal ScienceParks

West Carroll

FallSpringFull-YearHCC Course NumberCreditsHCC Course NameHigh School Course NameInstructor
XXAGOC 1163Principles of Animal ScienceAnimal ScienceMathey
XXAGOC 1143Principles of Plant SciencePlant ScienceMathey
XXWELD 1303Introduction to WeldingWeldingPolk
XBIO 1164Introduction to EcologyIntro EcologyBradbury
XBIO 1104Principles of BiologyPrinciples of BiologyBradbury