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Summerset 49 Presents Beautiful the Carole King Musical with piano background

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is the inspiring true story of Carole King’s struggle to be heard and her journey from teenage songwriter to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This musical has 26 roles and is rated PG13. Auditions for this year’s Summerset production will take place Saturday, March 9 & Saturday, March 16, 2024. Auditionees will only need to attend one day of auditions.

Show dates for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical are June 21, 22, 23; 27, 28, 29, and 30.

Audition Guidelines & Information

Auditions for this show are a fun and exciting way to meet new people and become involved in the Highland performing arts community. These guidelines are intended to provide you with important information to help you be your most successful at the audition.

Audition Day

You will be asked to complete an audition form that includes past stage experience and your schedule. During your audition, the directors will be considering you in the context of the play being cast — make the best first impression you can. The director will be listening to your vocal quality, assessing your stage presence and projection, and observing your movement. Be prepared to answer questions from the director.

In small groups, you are going to cycle through rounds of Acting/Readings, Movement, Music Rehearsal, and Singing.


Acting/Readings are limited to 60 to 90 seconds. Actors are encouraged to use a short prepared monologue. Alternatively, you may bring a rehearsed reading. Auditionees without a monologue will be provided with excerpts from the show and given the opportunity to prepare briefly before their cold reading. Afterwards, you will be asked to read for several different characters; being ask to read a certain character is not any indication of which role you may be cast in.

Rehearsed Reading Scripts


Carole King is an aspiring singer/songwriter. A unique, appealing, funny and vulnerable girl from a Jewish family in Brooklyn. Talented, good-natured, unassuming, and often the peace maker in difficult situations. A reluctant star with no pretense and a passion for music. Female, age range 18-30, Vocal Range Top Eb5, Vocal Range Bottom Eb3.

Gerry Goffin is Carole’s boyfriend, songwriting partner, and eventual husband. Innately sympathetic, wounded and tortured. An ambitious artist always striving for more. Male, age range 18-30, Vocal Range Top A4, Vocal Range Bottom D3.

Barry Mann is a songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Cynthia. He is good-natured, appealing, and neurotic. Ambitious, but likeable. Make, age range 18-30, Vocal Range A4, Vocal Range Bottom C3.

Cynthia Weil is a songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Barry. Carole’s best friend. She is sophisticated, smart, and chic with a quick wit. Although self-confident and sarcastic, she is extremely likeable. Female, age range 18-30, Vocal Range Top E5, Vocal Range Bottom G3.

Don Kirschner is an influential music publisher and producer. He is a fast-talking, energetic force of nature. Powerful, direct, and sometimes intimidating, but he has a real affinity for his writers and artists. Male, age range 40-60, Vocal Range Top C#4, Vocal Range Bottom A2.

Genie Klein is Carole’s Jewish mother. Once an aspiring playwright, she has been broken down by life and her husband’s infidelity. Genie is protective of Carole and unforgiving of her husband’s mistakes. Female, age range 40-60.

Neil Sedaka is a singer-songwriter. Male, Vocal Range Top G#4, Vocal Range Bottom A#3.

Nick is a musician. Male role.

Janelle Woods is a singer. Female, Vocal Range Top D5, Vocal Range Bottom G#3.

Marilyn Wald is a singer. Female, Vocal Range Top C5, Vocal Range Bottom G3.

Lou Adler is a record producer and music executive. Male role.

Bobby Vee is a singer. Male, Vocal Range Top C4, Vocal Range Bottom C3.

Lead Drifter, member of the doo-wop group “The Drifters.” Male, Vocal Range Top Eb5, Vocal Range Bottom B2.

Back-Up Drifters, members of the doo-wop group “The Drifters.” male, Vocal Range Top C5, Vocal Range Bottom B2.

Lead Shirelle, member of the pop group “The Shirelles.” Female, Vocal Range Top Db5, Vocal Range Bottom G3.

Back-Up Shirelles, member of the pop group “The Shirelles.” Female, Vocal Range Top D5, Vocal Range Bottom G3.

Righteous Brother #1, part of the Righteous Brothers Duo, Male, Vocal Range Top G4, Vocal Range Bottom F2.

Righteous Brother #2, Part of the Righteous Brothers Duo, Male, Vocal Range Top F5, Vocal range Bottom F3.

Uptown Soloist, Female, Vocal Range Top Db5, Vocal Range Bottom B3.

Lucille is Don Kirschner’s secretary. Female.

Betty is Carole’s childhood friend. Female.

Little Eva is a pop singer, Female, Vocal Range Top E5, Vocal Range Bottom Bb3.


The choreographer will teach to you a short dance routine, and then observe you. Don’t worry, we know that not everyone has a dance background, but all auditionees will be expected to just make their best effort. We can certainly work with people who are not strong dancers, and people with limited mobility will be accommodated.

Music Rehearsal

Actors may bring their own music (again, limited to 60-90 seconds), provided they bring sheet music for the pianist. Otherwise, they may prepare a couple of the excerpts from the show, linked below. In either case, each auditionee should have an up-tempo piece and a contrasting piece ready to present. You may be stopped while singing, it never means anything bad at all – we just have a very limited time to hear everyone. Pre-recorded music is not allowed, nor is just singing something a cappella – part of what we are listening for is your ability to sing with a live accompaniment.

Show Excerpts

Due to accessibility concerns, the College encourages people with disabilities or screen reader users to request more information on sheet music samples by contacting Bill Buehler at

Dress and Appearance

Dress as if this is a job interview to put your best foot forward.

  • Select clothing that reinforces your confidence. It should be flattering and comfortable.
  • Avoid bulky, loose clothing that might interfere with your movement or mask your physicality, and avoid tight clothing that would limit your movement
  • Wear comfortable, lightweight shoes
  • Your hair should be held back away from your face to allow for a full view of facial expressions


Auditionees will step up to the piano when called, and sing the music they rehearsed earlier. Sometimes, the Music Director will ask to hear a contrasting piece, oftentimes, not. Once again, it does not mean anything bad (or good) if you are asked (or not asked) to sing a second selection, it just means the MD already has a good understanding of your voice.

The entire experience will last about 2.5 hours, but you may not be performing that whole time. Auditioning is very hard work for the actors and the directors, and we absolutely want to see you at your best – we are so rooting for you!

Audition Time-Slots: Saturday, March 9 or Saturday, March 16

  • 9:30 A.M. to Noon
  • 12:30 P.M. to 3 P.M