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New Students

It’s all here at Highland! Whether you are a recent high school graduate, a student looking to transfer to a four-year institution, a working adult seeking to update your skills or a student searching for a new career, Highland Community College has something for you. We recognize that enrolling in college doesn’t always happen in perfect order, so we developed this checklist to help you get started and access all of the services needed for finalizing your college enrollment.

If you would like to meet with us or have a question, we’re here for that too. Just reach out or call 815-599-3414.

  • Send official transcripts electronically to or mail to HCC, Attn: Jeremy Bradt 2998 W. Pearl City Road, Freeport, IL 61032

HCC uses multiple measures to ensure you are placed in the correct course levels (scores good for 2 years). Unofficial college or high school transcripts can waive certain prerequisite requirements. A cumulative, unweighted 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) combined with 4 years of math and English will provide college level placement in both math and English with no reading requirement.

  • Qualifying ACT/SAT scores or GPA to use in lieu of taking Highland placement tests:
    • English = 20 or higher/490 or higher
    • Reading = 20 or higher/490 or higher
    • Math = 22 or higher/560 or higher
  • If you need to take a placement test:
  • Discuss the program you want to study, lay out a semester-by-semester plan, set your class schedule, and plan your future transfer and/or career.
  • To set up an advising appointment in-person, via Zoom™, or phone, call 815-599-3573.
  • Following your advising appointment, you can work with Admissions staff, in-person or via email (, to officially register for classes.
  • Admissions will help you navigate student accounts and show you the resources available to you (Groupwise, Moodle, ROAR, Online Bill Pay, etc.). This will include how to set up a payment plan.
  • Following registration, you must make one of the following payment arrangements: pay in full, enroll in a payment plan, or have authorized financial aid covering your balance.
  • Payment plans and online payments are available through Online Bill Pay.
    • Half Now/Half Later
    • Monthly Installments
      • The earlier you register, the more installments available
  • Use our search engine to find scholarship opportunities.
  • Most applications are due by April 1.
  • Complete applications (including transcripts) can be sent to or to Highland, Attn: Foundation Office, 2998 W Pearl City Rd, Freeport, IL 61032
  • To become a student worker, you have to meet the following requirements:
    • Have a 2.0 GPA (waived for new students)
    • Be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
    • Workstudy Eligible
  • For more information and to confirm your eligibility contact Career Services at 815-599-3678 or

In addition to offering more than 70 degrees and certificates, Highland is a beacon of cultural opportunity. Our theatre, arts, music, literature, and lecture series are popular throughout the area. And our Highland Cougars have a strong record of athletic success. We are committed to your academic success and to providing you with excellent instruction, a safe environment in which to learn, a diverse group of clubs and activities, and comprehensive student support services.