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Learning Spanish helps you earn more money, converse with customers, business people, and others who speak little English. At Highland, students learn the language beyond the instructional setting by focusing on communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Students can apply skills and understandings to future careers and experiences. Language courses are taken sequentially, and each course is designed to transfer to Illinois and out-of-state 4-year institutions. Spanish at Highland includes a small student-teacher ratio, which is taught by a native Spanish speaker who believes in making learning fun.

Each course is designed to transfer to Illinois and out-of-state institutions. Students who have some Spanish experience may start at higher course level, depending on the Instructor’s recommendations. To learn more, please schedule an appointment with Cristina Szterensus, Spanish Instructor, at 815-599-3595 or

Career Field

Enhance your marketability as bilingual candidates always have an edge. Workers who can speak Spanish are in demand for both low and high skilled positions. So, learning Spanish will give you a head start in having a desirable and higher paying job. Language skills supplement degrees in business, education, industry, science, technology, and professional areas.

Spanish Contacts

Cristina Szterensus, English and Spanish Instructor
Vicki Schulz, Student Advisor
Jim Phillips, Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts (AA)


Foreign Language (Program Outcomes)


Associate of Arts

Scholarship Opportunities