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Seizure Disorder Guidelines

The student will be issued a card and it should be carried on their person at all times. It is highly recommended that they inform their instructors, of the Seizure Disorder within the first few weeks of the semester. An example of such a card is as follows:

Hi I am Charlie Brown (900012345) if you are reading this you realize I have a seizure disorder. Please read the following instructions, so you know how to take care of me. My primary contact at HCC is Name, Title at xExtention.

When a seizure takes place, please follow the given guidelines to ensure the student’s safety:

  • Faculty/Staff/Other call 911 to notify EMS about the situation.
  • Faculty/Staff/Other alerts any of the following individuals: Liz Gerber, 3531, Amanda Venhuizen, 3577. These individuals are apprised of this Plan and will assist.
  • Security will report to the student’s location on campus and they will stay with the student throughout this experience.
  • Ensure the student’s safety by preparing the immediate area.
    • Move objects away from them so that they do not strike the objects while having a seizure.
    • Remove their glasses, if applicable
    • Particular attention should be paid to protecting the head. If possible, place a soft article under the head.
    • People do not swallow their tongue. Nothing should be placed in the mouth as they could inhale and choke.
  • The student’s emergency contact should be called immediately because they will need a ride home.
  • As they come out of the seizure, he/she will experience extreme fatigue and will demonstrate mental confusion. Do not attempt to move the student, to a different location, until they acknowledge it is alright to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ADA Services at