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Opening Days Preparation

December 2018

During the spring Opening Days, there will be time dedicated to focus on recruitment targets set by the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee over the course of the fall semester and to brainstorm strategies to impact those targets. The process followed will be similar to the one used to brainstorm retention, persistence, and completion strategies during fall opening days.

In preparation for this discussion, we are asking you to read the executive summaries and introductory sections from two reports on student recruitment (attached). Please read pages 4 – 13 of The New Generation of Students: How colleges can recruit, teach, and serve Gen Z by the Chronicle of Higher Education and pages 4 – 17 of Strategies for Attracting and Supporting Non-traditional Students by Hanover Research.

We appreciate the opportunity to brainstorm these strategies together as a college. Also during spring Opening days, Strategic Enrollment Management committee members will be reporting back about how the brainstorming done at fall Opening days was utilized to develop action plans around retention, persistence, and completion.

See you on January 10! Thanks in advance for your time and effort to prepare for and participate in these discussions at Opening Days.

Strategic Enrollment Management Committee Members:

  • Scott Anderson
  • Kathy Bangasser
  • Jeremy Bradt
  • Brendan Dutmer
  • Justin Ebert
  • Liz Gerber
  • Jennifer Grobe
  • Thedford Jackson
  • Jill Janssen
  • Chris Kuberski
  • Joan Miller
  • Suzanne Miller
  • Stacey Moore
  • Kate Perkins
  • Carolyn Petsche
  • Jim Phillips
  • Sam Schaible
  • Leslie Schmidt
  • Misty Thruman

The New Generation of Students: How colleges can recruit, teach, and serve Gen Z

Strategies for Attracting and Supporting Non-Traditional Students