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Stop before you drop – upcoming withdraw deadline

Before you withdraw (final grade of W) from a second 8-week or 16-week class, talk to your instructor, your advisor, and the financial aid office. A withdraw can impact your future course sequence, financial aid status, or your transfer. Make sure you know how it impacts you.

In addition, for students who have had extending circumstances (health issues, loss of a family member, etc), the college has a policy called an incomplete grade. The student can connect with the faculty member and provide documentation of what has been happening and the instructor may grant the incomplete (I Grade). This allows the student to complete the class 3 weeks into the next semester which would be February 5, 2021, or a different date that you and the instructor would agree to.

Keep working hard as there are less than 3.5 weeks before finals start on December 7 which will be here before you know it.

If you do have to withdraw, go to the Enrollment and Records page, and click Course Withdraw. Fill in the information, click Submit, then check your HCC email to confirm and withdraw.