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HCC Records

Individual Player Achievements

All-American – Men

Player  YearHonor
James Boone2015Second Team Basketball
Lucas Korntved2014 Bowling
DeMarco Henry2014Third Team Basketball
Patrick Onwenu2012Honorable Mention Basketball
Monterale Clark2010Second Team Basketball
Elliott Johnson2010Honorable Mention Basketball
Eric Frederick2009Third Team Basketball
Carlos Arenas 2007Second Team Golf
Laron Frazier2007Second Team Basketball
Antwon Harris 2006First Team Basketball
Temi Soyebo2005Third Team Basketball
Chris Mitchell2004FirstmTeam Basketball
Mark Wilson 2003 Second Team Basketball
Malerick Bedden 2002Third Team Basketball
Robert Lolar 2001Second Team Basketball
Tyrese Buie 2000Third Team Basketball
Troy Hudson1998Honorable Mention Basketball
Michael Johnson 1997Third Team Basketball
Troy Parker 1996Fourth Team Basketball
Brian Hildebrand1993Honorable Mention Basketball

All-American – Women

Player  YearHonor
Alysha Justice2015Honorable Mention Basketball
Marshell Davis2014Bowling
Stevie Luy2014Bowling
Amber Ramos2013Second Team Softball
Suporia Dickens2009Third Team Basketball
Jasmine Coleman 2006Honorable Mention Basketball
Angie Eissens 2003Honorable Mention Volleyball

Academic All-American

Player  YearSport
Timothy Dawson2014-15Academic All-American Bowling
Tanner Heppner2014-15Academic All-American Bowling
Rebecca Wehrenberg2013-14Exemplary Academic Achievement Volleyball
Kendra Ostendorf2013-14Exemplary Academic Achievement Volleyball and Softball
Luke Norman2013-14Exemplary Academic Achievement Basketball
Connor Fleming2013-14Exemplary Academic Achievement Baseball
Anna Brown2013-14Superior Academic Achievement Volleyball
Michelle Hail-Harris2012-13Exemplary Academic Achievement Women's BasketballI
Katelyn Hasken2012-13Pinnacle Award Winner Volleyball
Kris Sereme2011-12Academic All-American Men's Basketball
Jenna Krahmer2011-12Academic All-American Volleyball
Robyn Hauser2011-12Academic All-American Women's Basketball and Softball
Karli Davis2010-11Academic All-American Volleyball
Haylee Endress2010-11Distinguished All-American Softball
Team Award2009-10Academic Team of the Year Softball
Heather Jurs2009-10Distinguished All-American  Softball
Kayla Olsen2009-10Academic All-American Softball
Jackie Barton2008-09Academic All-American Women's Basketball/Volleyball
Team Award2007-08Academic Team of the Year Volleyball and Softball
Devan Bawinkel2007-08Academic All-American Men's Basketball
Lindsey Folgate2007-08Academic All-American Volleyball
Brianna Martinez2007-08Academic All-American Volleyball
Daniel Polhill2007-08Distinguished All-American Golf
Arlee Wills2007-08Academic All-American Volleyball
Team Award2006-07Academic Team of the Year Volleyball
Betsy Christensen2006-07Distinguished All-American Volleyball and Softball
Ashley Christensen2006-07Academic All-American Volleyball and Softball
Michael Cleary2006-07Academic All-American Baseball
Vanessa Tipplett2006-07Academic All-American Volleyball
Joshua Wilken2006-07Academic All-American Baseball
Molly Cummins2005-06Academic All-American Volleyball
Samantha Rogers2005-06Academic All-American Volleyball
Tiffany Wollny 2004-05Distinguished Academic All-American Volleyball
Michele Niedermeier2003-04Academic All-American Softball
Jessica Hindricks 2002-03Academic All-American Softball
Becky Sorn 2002-03Academic All-American Volleyball and Basketball
Erin Brunner 2001-02Academic All-American Volleyball
Amy Zimmerman 2001-02Academic All-American, Volleyball

Arrowhead Conference Champions

2014Men's Basketball
2013Men's Basketball

2012Men's Basketball
2011Men's Basketball
2010Men's Basketball
2010Women's Basketball
2009Men's Basketball
2009Women's Basketball
2008Men's Basketball
2007Men's Basketball
2006Men's Basketball
2005Men's Basketball
2004Men's Basketball
2003Men's Basketball
2002Men's Basketball
2001Men's Basketball
2000Men's Basketball
1999Men's Basketball
1996women's Basketball
1995women's Basketball
1993Men's Basketball
1987Women's Basketball
1977Men's Basketball
1976Men's Basketball
1973Men's Basketball

NJCAA Region IV Champions

2014Men's Basketball
2012Men's Basketball
2010Women's Basketball
2009Men's Basketball
2009Women's Basketball
2008Men's Basketball
2007Men's Basketball
2006Women's Basketball
2006Men's Basketball
2005Men's Basketball
2004Men's Basketball
2001Men's Basketball
2001Women's Basketball
1997Women's Basketball
1995Women's Basketball

National Tournament Participants

2014Men's Basketball
2009Men's Basketball (7th Place)
2009Women's Basketball
2007Men's Basketball
2006Men's Basketball (3rd Place)
2005Men's Basketball (6th Place)
2004Men's Basketball