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Automotive Services Program Outcomes

The following outcomes meet or exceed NATEF requirements and satisfy industry entry-level skill sets.

Certificate Program:
At the end of the first year, students will have the following skill sets:

1. Work safely in the shop environment.
2. Demonstrate written and verbal communication skills.

a. Generate and complete repair orders
b. Demonstrate proper telephone etiquette

3. Demonstrate professionalism (work ethic, soft skills).
4. Use the correct tool(s) for needed maintenance.
5. Utilize problem solving skills to determine and perform basic vehicle maintenance & inspection which includes:

a. Engine oil monitoring system reset
b. Tire pressure monitoring system diagnosis and reset
c. Antilock brake system diagnosis and repair
d. Vehicle fluid maintenance

6. Perform vehicle safety inspection(s). Degree ProgramStudents that complete the two year program will gain more advanced service techniques which include the following:
7. Utilize diagnostic equipment to interpret system data and perform sub-system repairs:

a. Powertrain control systems (engine and transmission)
b. Understanding vehicle network systems
c. Diagnosing computer and vehicle network systems
d. Electrical and electronic circuit repair
e. Heating and air conditioning systems f. Final drive and AWD-4WD systems