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Accident Reporting/Workplace Safety

If you experience an accident or injury while working, you should immediately notify your supervisor and Stacey Brown in Human Resources so that the incident can be documented and followed up on appropriately.

Don’t forget
To ensure a safe, clean, and accident free work environment, please do your best to keep your work area tidy and follow these seven rules of safety.

  1. See It/Say Something – If you see a potentially hazardous situation, don’t ignore it say something.
  2. Sort – eliminate items that are not in use by putting them in their appropriate place or discarding them.
  3. Set – make items that are used frequently easy to access.
  4. Shine – make sure everything is organized and functioning properly in your work environment.
  5. Standardize – develop a specific way to sort, set, and shine that works for your work environment.
  6. Sustain – create a daily routine that follows all of these steps.
  7. Safety – eliminate and identify all potential hazards that will help decrease the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace.