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COVID-19 Vaccine Scam Alert

HR Cougar Corner

With the first coronavrius vaccines now being distributed n the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning that criminals are trying to capitalize on vaccinations to steal people’s money.

Here are five key points to understand.
1. People should turn to trusted resources — their doctor or local health department — for guidance.
2. People should not buy any kind of coronavirus vaccine or treatment on the internet or from an online pharmacy.
3. Doses of vaccine that were purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars will be provided to patients at no cost. Providers, though, may charge an administration fee and have that fee reimbursed by private and public insurance companies. There’s also a means of reimbursement for uninsured patients.
4. Consumers should not respond to any solicitations about the vaccine from telemarketing calls, text messages, social media platforms or door-to-door visits.
5. People should not give cash or any other form of payment to suspicious callers nor should they divulge personal, medical or financial information, which criminals can use to fraudulently bill federal health care programs and to commit medical identity theft.