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Disability Benefits

Do you know when you are eligible to utilize your disability benefits?
Usually employees don’t ask this question until an urgent situation has occurred or an illness has taken place. If you are a participant in the long-term or short-term disability insurance plans, it is important that you know what will make you eligible to utilize these benefits. In order for you to use your disability benefits you must meet the following criteria for each plan.

Long-Term Disability

  • You must be an active full-time employee at the time of the disability diagnosis.
  • You must have an illness or injury that continuously makes you unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your position.

Note:You are not eligible to receive disability benefits for work related disabilities

Benefit Amount

The benefit amount for the long-term disability benefit will be 66 2/3% (tax free) of the participant’s salary up to age 65 (maximum monthly benefit is $8,000).

Ex: LTD Injuries/Illnesses

  • Cancer
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Amputation

Elimination Period & Benefit Duration

Benefits will begin the later of the date the participants has reached 90 consecutive days of total disability or a zero-balance in eligible sick or sick bank time. Benefits will not accrue beyond the duration of benefits; or Social Security normal retirement age.

Short-Term Disability

  • You are eligible through the State University Retirement System (SURS) after at least two years of service credit.
  • Must have an illness or injury that makes you unable to perform the duties of your position.

Note: There is no minimum service credit required if you become disabled because of an accident.

Benefit Amount

SURS short-term disability benefits coordinate with long-term disability benefits to ensure that 66 2/3% of gross monthly earnings are not exceeded.

Ex: STD Injuries/Illnesses

  • Acute Illnesses/Injuries (broken bones, appendicitis, heart attack)
  • Back Problems
  • Surgery Rehabilitation

Elimination Period & Benefit Duration

Benefits will begin the later of the date the participant has been disabled for 60 continuous days, or the day following the last day you were paid by your employer (this includes sick leave payments and may include vacation leave). The benefit will terminate when the conditions of being disabled are no longer met. The benefit is exhausted when the participant has received 50% of all SURS eligible earnings.