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ONE Highland

This is a recent focused story, shared by President Kuberski.

Realizing that the July 21 and 29 Express Registration dates were critical dates for students to register, there was a team effort to have Fall guidelines in place so that in person course options were available to students. This is what One HCC looks like to me. EOT, lead by Jill Janssen, created a decision point timeline and finalized guidelines for the fall semester. David Naze and the Deans communicated the guidelines to faculty who in turn reconsidered the modality for their courses. Faculty communicated modality changes, and the Division Assistants made the changes in Banner. Rhonda Perry and Deb Hayenga adjusted room scheduling and updated an extensive Excel spreadsheet to share with Advisors. Community Relations helped communicate the changes to impacted students and shared the message that HCC would be back to better come Fall 2021. Due to the section code updates, Madonna and the bookstore staff had to update the book listings. Liz Gerber kept Student Services updated on the process. Advisors and Enrollment Services made notification phone calls, answered student questions, and adjusted student schedules. A massive team effort to promote the Express Registration events on July 21 and July 29 was made. Community Relations/Marketing published a direct mail to every household and promoted through social media channels and the web, texts and emails were sent by advisors to students who had not re-enrolled, and 550 outreach calls to students who had not yet re-enrolled were coordinated by Sam and made by a range of volunteers. The Cashier’s Office applied debt forgiveness money to student accounts and mailed letters.

On Express Registration Day we had 47 students total, which is more than we have had in some time. That day the team worked tirelessly to accommodate students. This collaborative effort and willingness to proudly contribute to our goals clearly impacted our Enrollment Key Result. This is what Own It and One HCC look like to me.