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Paws for Recognition: ONE Highland Award

Congratulations to February’s award winner, Carolyn Talbert, Bookstore Assistant.  Carolyn was recognized for the cultural belief of Own It.  As the nomination form read, “The bookstore had been short staffed from October 2021 until August 22.  Carolyn stepped up and took over many of the jobs that had been done by the employee who left.  She didn’t need to be asked, she simply stepped in when and where ever needed.  In November we lost another person to a new position and once again Carolyn stepped in completing all types of jobs.  The most impressive part of all of this is that she does all of it with a smile and a truly cheerful personality.”

March’s Paws for Recognition winner will be announced at the April 27 Campus Connection meeting.

We are accepting nominations for the April ONE Highland award.  The nomination form, which includes the nomination guidelines, is found at G:\General\HR-Payroll Resources for Employees\ONE Highland\Paws for Recognition Award Nomination Form.  Nomination forms should be submitted to Christie Lewis by the end of the month.