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Paws for Recognition

Congratulations to March’s award winner, Ellen Conway, Coordinator, Student Accounts. Ellen was recognized for the cultural beliefs of Own It and One HCC which impacts our key results of trust/culture and financial health. As the nomination form read:

“When Ellen states that she will follow up issue, there is no doubt that she will take care of the college and students. This helps build the trust and culture and HCC because we are blessed to see this example of her work each day. When the college was awarded two grants this Spring 2023 semester (LIBS 199 Bridge grant and NURS 109 grant), it was Ellen who let us know where students stood and what items she needed with past or current balances or brought up great points that some folks may not have thought about. This is one small example of how Ellen takes care of students and departments. Whether it’s working with a student in the public area, making multiple phone calls to students/3rd party companies, or mailing important information, Ellen is ensuring that HCC’s financial health is healthy.”

We are accepting nominations for the May ONE Highland award. The nomination form, which includes the nomination guidelines, is found below or G:\General\HR-Payroll Resources for Employees\ONE Highland\Paws for Recognition Award Nomination Form. Nomination forms should be submitted to Christie Lewis by the end of the month. Please note that the nomination form has been updated to clarify specifics for inclusion in the nomination.