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Phase 4 Return to Work

HR Cougar Corner

Phase 4 guidelines start on July 6 with some students returning to campus the week of July 13. On pay period beginning July 12 we will be back to normal pay practices. If an employee is not working his/her regular schedule, the remaining time should be filled with paid time off, if the employee has time available. If an employee is unable to work due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic (subject to quarantine/isolation order, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has been diagnosed, has been advised by healthcare provider to isolate, is caring for an individual who is under a quarantine/isolation order or has been advised by a healthcare provider to isolate, or is caring for a child because their childcare provider is closed), please contact Human Resources on how the hours should be coded.

With the return to work, some employees may have concern about returning to work safely; or about finding safe daycare for their children, others will be tired of being at home and will be glad to get back to something resembling normal. Employees may experience a mixture of gratitude for having the opportunity to see their co-workers combined with anxiety because of the increased number of people in which they come into contact. Keep in mind that each person will have a different experience based on their situation.If you find that you are having difficulty with the transition, remember that there are resources available. HCC offers an Employee Assistance Service (EAP) through Reliance Standard called ACI.This is a free service and is currently available to all Highland Community College employees regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in the medical or life insurance benefits. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you would like to talk with a counselor, call 855-775-4357, or you can access ACI online at Let them know you are an employee (or family member) of Highland Community College. If asked, Highland’s policy number is #GL647118.