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Policy Highlight: Anti-Bullying

In February 2023, Highland’s Board adopted Policy 4.037, Anti-Bullying. The policy outlines Highland’s position on bullying in the workplace, provides a definition and examples of bullying, and offers guidance on dealing with bullying.

Bullying is not considered acceptable behavior at Highland Community College. Employees are encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with the policy. Steps to follow on dealing with bullying include:

•If bullying is occurring, employees should address concerns as soon as possible. Highland provides training and tools on how to positively communicate concerns and other supportive resources, such as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to employees.
•Generally, the first step is to give notice to individuals of their perceived bullying behaviors with a goal of self-awareness and correction. The employee may either address the individual directly or ask for support from a member of the Behavior Intervention Team (List of BIT Members may be found at G:\General\Student Issues and Concerns\Behavioral Intervention Members and Contacts), a supervisor or Human Resources.
•If the behavior continues or is severe, employees should discuss these situations with a supervisor and/or Human Resources. If you witness someone being bullied, show support for the individual being bullied and ask if they would like your assistance. If comfortable, talk with the bully in a constructive manner about the behavior and its effect on the workplace. Let a supervisor or HR know if it persists.