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Service Award Recognition

Highland Community College believes it is important to acknowledge and recognize employees for their years of valuable service. As a mark of recognition, full-time employees who have been at HCC five years or more receive a service award commemorating their years of service to the college. A service award will be presented upon completion of five continuous years of service and every five years thereafter. Human Resources will notify employees and their respective supervisors prior to the anniversary date.

Monetary Award
Full-time employees who have achieved an employment anniversary of five years and every five years thereafter will receive a monetary award. Part-time employees are recognized for their service after 30 years of employment and every five years thereafter at Opening Days.

Employees will receive the award on the pay check in which the service anniversary falls. Employees have the option to donate the award to the charity of their choosing. Upon notice, the check will be written by Highland to the non-profit cause.

Service Pin
A service pin is also provided to full-time employees. Employees may elect to not receive a service pin. Service pins are distributed during the recognition at Opening Days.

Annual Recognition
During Opening Days in January of each year, employees who have had their five year anniversary during the previous calendar year will be recognized. Full-time employees will be highlighted. Part-time employees are included in the listing. Any employee who retired during the previous calendar year and celebrated a five year anniversary will be invited to attend the recognition portion of Opening Days.