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Succession Planning

Highland Community College recognizes the importance of having skilled individuals doing key work to fulfill the mission. As we continue to face labor challenges, we know the value of intentionally preparing to build skills and competencies in our workforce. To that end, there is effort being made toward succession planning. Succession planning is the process of identifying the critical positions within the organization and developing action plans for individuals to assume those positions. It helps us to plan for long-term and ensure HCC is prepared for continued leadership and skills in critical positions.

The succession planning process at Highland has started with vice presidents looking at positions within their areas and individuals who currently or may have the potential to fill these positions. Over the next few months, there will be conversations occurring. These may just be to ensure current level of continuity within a role and/or to determine if there may be an interest in gaining new experiences and developing new skills and competencies to prepare for possible future roles at Highland.

Supervisors have been encouraged to use the performance feedback discussions to promote employee development discussions and participation in ONE Highland LEADS.