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SURS Counseling Sessions

HR Cougar Corner

Unfortunately, SURS will not be offering in-person appointments any time this spring. However, in addition to the telephone appointments, they just started offering virtual retirement counseling appointments via TEAMS, which have been well received. Employees can schedule these on the SURS website with the option to choose between a virtual or a telephone appointment. Visit and click on Member Login to gain access to your member webpage. You can also contact SURS at (800) 275-7877 in order to start the process to schedule a counseling session. Please keep in mind the following information regarding eligibility for a counseling session:

– Employees must be within 4 years of retirement eligibility (age 55 with 8 or more years of service, age 62 with 5 or more years of service, 30 or more years of qualifying service at any age for Tier 1 employees. Age 67 with 10 years of service, or age 62 with 10 years of service with age reduction for Tier II employees).
– Employees are limited to one appointment (phone/virtual, in-person or written estimate) every 12 months.
– Employees may request up to two different dates for a retirement estimate with starting dates within the next 4 years. SURS cannot project a retirement benefit amount beyond that time frame.

If you have any questions, please contact SURS at (800) 275-7877