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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The study of Criminal Justice is designed for those intending to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate program as well as those seeking immediate employment following the completion of the certificate or two-year degree. Students will learn to think critically about the broader context within the field of criminal justice and will gain aptitudes enabling them to learn the skill set associated with the practical implementation of criminal justice studies.

Career Field

The study of Criminal Justice has a broad range of employment options in both the private and public sectors, which depends on the qualifications. Areas of employment can include law enforcement, corrections, court reporting, parks and wildlife, and security.

A number of related career fields, such as security and private investigations, are open to graduates of Highland’s Criminal Justice Program. In addition, the program can prepare current criminal justice professionals for career advancements.

Criminal Justice Contacts

Jennifer Roser, Criminal Justice Instructor
Vicki Schulz, Student Advisor
Jim Phillips, Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts (AA)


Associate of Applied Science (Program Outcomes)
Associate of Arts (Program Outcomes)

Scholarship Opportunities

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