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Employee Characteristics

Highland Community College has identified a set of employee characteristics that it believes each employee must possess in order for the College to successfully achieve its stated mission and goals. It is expected that each employee does possess these characteristics and will strive to strengthen and enhance these characteristics as they continue their employment with Highland Community College.

Highland employees are student-centered. Our employees have the basic job knowledge and time management skills with the desire to produce quality work in an effective and efficient manner.

Highland employees are committed to demonstrating a positive, caring and respectful attitude in our relationships with students, colleagues and our communities. Our employees value cooperation, effective communication and teamwork.

Highland employees are open to change, adaptable, display initiative and pursue creative improvement.

Highland employees are honest, sincere, respect confidentiality and are ethical in their professional relationships.

Highland’s Service Standards

Courtesy – The key to good service. Attention to customers, both internal and external, is crucial. I will remember that whatever task I am engaged in, I will stop to welcome a customer with a smile and acknowledge that individual’s needs.

Learning – The key to a learning institution. Incorporate learning into everything we do. I will consistently learn more about my job and those who need my service, and I will help them learn from the service I provide.

Effective Communication – Important to the college culture. We must disseminate the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right medium. Good communication will open avenues to valuable outcomes.

Cleanliness, Security & Safety – We must have an inviting environment for our colleagues, students and visitors. These must never be sacrificed.