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Early registration incentive – a total of $10,000 in one credit hour tuition waivers available for fall 2017

As an early registration incentive, any student enrolling in one of the select courses below from May 8 to June 30 will receive a tuition waiver for one credit hour ($141 value) for any portion of fall 2017 tuition not covered by financial aid. This incentive must be used for the fall 2017 semester. Students may register for up to 6 of these classes and receive the waiver for each course.

ACCT 105 Elements of Accounting

ART 115 Two-dimensional Design

Art 117 Pottery I

Art 118 Graphic Design I

Art 211 Painting I

AUTB 191 Introduction to Auto Body

CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I

GEOL 126 Geology

GERM 151 Elementary German I

HIST 299 Topics in History – The Sixties (1960-1974, U.S.)

HIST 299 Topic in History – Introduction to Museum Studies

INFT 282 A+ Certification

EQUI 117 Equine Physiology

EQUI 145 Stable Management I

ELET 179 Electronics Principles

ECE 121 Introduction to Early Childhood Education

INFT 190 Principles of Computer Science I

ITHC 201 Medical Coding

HOSP 101 Introduction to Hospitality

HOSP 103 Front Desk Management (Held at East Dubuque High School)

MATH 265 Differential Equations

MCOM 110 Introduction to Mass Communication

MCOM 120 Introduction to Video Production – Field

MCOM 125 Introduction to Video Production — Multi Camera

MUS 150 Fundamentals of Music

MUS 153 Introduction to Audio Production

MUS 157 Class Guitar I

MUS 160 Musicianship for the Elementary Teacher

MUS 177 Class Piano I

MUS 181 Orchestra

PHYS 145 General Physics III

PHYS 246 Introduction to Circuit Analysis

SOCI 171 Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 274 The Family

SPAN 155 Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I



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