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HCC Foundation announces 2017-2018 scholarship recipients

The Highland Community College Foundation distributed more than $350,000 to Highland students for the 2017 academic year with over 300 people in attendance at its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on September 24. More than $7 million has been distributed to Highland students since the Foundation was formed. Some scholarships are based on merit and financial need; others are awarded to students based on where they attended high school and what major they are studying.

The following scholarship recipients were recognized:

Baileyville:  Keileigh Kloepping, H.G. Kable Memorial

Byron:  Alexis Streff, Hobart Agriculture

Cedarville:  Chad Foltz, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell

Chadwick:  Collin Eubanks, Hobart Agriculture; Sadie Wiersema, Home School; Sadie Wiersema, Todd Engelkens Memorial

Dakota:  Lauren Cramer, Michelle E. Berberet Memorial; Brittany Knox, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Bria Koester, R.C. Miller Agriculture; Casey McCauley; Leonard C. & Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation-Nursing

Davis:  Jonathan Dieken, Krug-Phillips Memorial; Lauren Erickson, Philip Gordon Memorial, United Presbyterian Church; Sharmaine Joy Lowe, Dorothy Yates Nursing; Kaitlyn Reifsteck, Eduard Buss Business & Technology

Dixon:  Kelly Hipple, Kutz Family; Ashley Knopp, Hobart Agriculture

Elizabeth:  Lucus Albrecht, Robert & Lois Harlan; Taylor Brown, R.C. Miller Agriculture

Forreston:  Amanda Anderson, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Hali Daehler, H.G. Kable Memorial; Michael Heizler, Betty and Roger Dornink Memorial, Helen M. Olson Memorial Nursing; Carissa Hollin, H.G. Kable Memorial; Emily Langill, H.G. Kable Memorial; Cassidy Mahan, J. Rosemary Shockey Memorial, James Schneiderman Memorial; Ariel Pritchard, H.G. Kable Memorial; Cameron Timm, H.G. Kable Memorial; Courtney Wolf, Eunice O’Malia Memorial; Michael Wubbena, James Schneiderman Memorial ; William Zimmerman, Gene Haas Foundation

Freeport:  Amber Ammons, ICCSF Healthcare; Kalah Bardell, Duke and Bev Herrling; Alexis Barr, Eduard Buss Humanities/Social Science; Joseph Barten, Marion Byram; Jacqueline Kay Bennett, Marion Byram; McKenna Bennett, Mary Gregory Warthen; Deanna Boland, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Dakota Borman, Hubert Kepner Memorial; Sparkle Brooks, AA (African American); Sharlene Calvin, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial, Maureen Baldwin Cosmetology; Ethan Connors, Gene Haas Foundation; Rozlyn Crawford, AA (African American), Steve Turner Memorial; Mirakel Dedmond, AA (African American); Shayna Drake, Eduard Buss Humanities/Social Science, Thomas E. Wallmo Memorial; Daniela Escobedo, Marion Byram; Kylie Fransen, Philip Gordon Memorial; Isabelle Frautschy, J. Rosemary Shockey Memorial; Heather Fricke, Betty and Ray Stamm, Freeport Memorial Alumni Nursing; Nickolas Fritz, Chris and JR Kuberski; Ryan Gahm, Clarence W. Chapman Memorial; Paige Gehrke, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health-Nursing; Marna Gossett, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial, Marion Byram; Jennifer Greene, Steve Turner Memorial; Julie Harrell, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial, Marion Byram; Melody Henson, James Padfield Memorial; Marion Byram; Women’s Education Fund; Lannette Herrera  , Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health-Nursing; Armond Hollins, AA (African American); Amy Huenefeld, Marion Byram; Elizabeth Invergo, College Now; Anthony Jackson, AA (African American); Restee Jackson, Gene Haas Foundation; Kate Kappes, ABWA – TLC; Claire Kayes, Helen M. Olson Memorial Nursing; Kassidy Korte, Betty and Ray Stamm, Harry A. Warthen; Jessica Kraemer, Goodwill Industries; Garret Kruse, Eduard Buss Business & Technology; Liam Kuhn, Ray and Jeanie Searby; Jenna Lafferty, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology; Keaton Lawson, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology; Bailey Luy, Ennenga/Holm Memorial, Ronald & Betty Norman Memorial; Anna Marinello, Home School; Zachary Marinello, Krug-Phillips Memorial; Karen Mercado, Richard Ames Computer; Joshua  Naujokas, Eduard Buss Forensics (Speech Team); Kaitlyn Nesemeier, Clarence W. Chapman Memorial, Eduard Buss Business & Technology; Seongsoo (Austin) Park, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wurtzel Memorial; Janna Pepper, Kutz Family; Matthew Pfeiffer, Clarence W. Chapman Memorial, Rawson Engineering; Macayla Pilson, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Reginald Robinson, Gene Haas Foundation; Monica Rodriguez, Clarence W. Chapman Memorial, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Shiann Rowe, Helen M. Olson Memorial Nursing, Women’s Education Fund; Candice Schopf, Betty and Ray Stamm Healthcare Employee, Carrie L. Bell Nursing; Sadie Seefeldt-Swanson, Marion Byram; Latasha Simmons, Betty and Ray Stamm Healthcare Employee; Nathan Skarlupka, Fehr-Graham ; Shelby Slick, Carrie L. Bell Nursing, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Savanna Steele, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Michael Swank, Gene Haas Foundation; Cassandra Torrisi, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Vaun Truckenmiller, Crimestoppers; Antonio Vazquez, Gene Haas Foundation; Katie Walsh, Ray and Jeanie Searby; Desiree Warren, Marion Byram; Jessica Welling, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Lakeshia Whitehead, Marion Byram; Elizabeth Woitynek, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial

German Valley:  Katie Hilton, H.G. Kable Memorial

Kent:  Trent Wingert Jr, Eduard Buss Business & Technology

Lanark:  Devon Deloy, Kutz Family; Elizabeth Schubert, Joseph S. and Bettye J. Mihina-Nursing; Samantha Sumption, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Lena:  Jake Diddens, Charles Endress Memorial, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Laurel Flynn, College Now; Jacob Fox, College Now; Kayleigh Gerber, Eduard Buss Humanities/Social Science; Gretchen Heitkam, Betty Shaffer Memorial, Charlotte A. Zartman; Della Mae Coppernoll; Kayla Heun, Betty and Ray Stamm; Olivia Kepner, Eduard Buss Business & Technology; Cole Oberle, James A. Davis Memorial; Noah Peight, Gene Haas Foundation; Barbara Schubert, Bauer Family, Freeport Memorial Alumni Nursing; Allison Weegens, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Karla White, Ken and Marien Stein, Women’s Education Fund; Sondra Winters, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health-Nursing

McConnell:  Emily Diffenderfer, James A. Davis Memorial, VFW Post 998

Milledgeville:  Douglas Jones, Gene Haas Foundation

Monroe:  Nathan Middagh, Dorothy Yates Nursing; Benjamin Page, Wesley I. Robinson, D.V.M. Memorial; Roodson Pierre, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Rosemary Pierre, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Orangeville:  Kelsey Bollon, Roger A. Hutmacher Memorial; Briar Huenefeld, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health-Nursing; Claire Tootelian, Whitetails Unlimited; Sylvia Watson, Roger A. Hutmacher Memorial

Oregon:  Sarah Harris, Freeport Rotary Vocational Education, Kutz Family; Noah Russell, H.G. Kable Memorial, Maureen Baldwin Cosmetology; Elaine Schmidt, Davis/Balluff; Luka Barisic, Larry and Jean Kahl Ahtletics; Isaiah Ford, Larry and Jean Kahl Ahtletics

Other:  Cierra Garcia, Larry and Jean Kahl Ahtletics; Mya-Larcye McKenzie, Larry and Jean Kahl Ahtletics; Ante Sustic, Larry and Jean Kahl Ahtletics; Ieva Zvirblyte, Larry and Jean Kahl Ahtletics

Pearl City:  Dillon Baldauf, Dr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Phillips; Abigayle Endress, 1st Farm Credit Services Agriculture, Dr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Phillips, Joe and Jennifer Kanosky; Nathan Lott, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell; Rebecca Thomas, Marion Byram; Bill Werkheiser, Eduard Buss Business & Technology

Pecatonica:  Aaron Ackerman, Del Scheider Agriculture; Seth Klatt, George Kinney Memorial; Crystal Mason, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Ridott:  Zowie Kauffman, VFW Post 998

Rock City:  Emily DeHaven, Steve Mihina Mathematics-Science; Mercedes Hansen, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Ryan Miller, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Brianna Mulder, College Now

Rockford:  Rodrigue Efalema, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health

Roscoe:  Jaelynn Johnson, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial, Virginia Ames Cosmetology

Scales Mound:  Nicole Pavino, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health-Nursing; Anthony Murphy, William A. Trunck Memorial Nursing; Steven Murphy, Eduard Buss Business & Technology

Shannon:  Nichole Potempa, Emmert and Florence Klaas; Cole Schoeny, Forreston State Bank ; Cole Schoeny, Northwest Illinois Deer Collectors Club

Stockton:  Montana Bartell, ICCSF Health Trust; Mikayla Baysinger, Harold D. Walkup; Hannah Brudi, Irma Dittmar Ames; Hannah Caswell, Home School, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Paige Fuchs, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Drew Groezinger, Del Scheider Agriculture, Eduard Buss Business & Technology; Courtney Haas, Eduard Buss Natural Science & Health; Kaila Haas, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Tyler Larson, Marjorie Kleckner Roberts Memorial; MarySue Nobis, Kutz Family

Warren:  Zachery Sperry, Fredrick and Alice Kirkman Memorial, VFW Post 998; Kyle Wolff, Eduard Buss Business & Technology, Ennenga/Holm Memorial

Winslow:  Sydni Aebly, Ennenga/Holm Memorial, Home School

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