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Highland agriculture students compete at Illinois PAS Conference

Ag students pose at the PAS conference

Highland agriculture students came away with numerous awards at the Illinois Professional Agriculture Students (PAS) Conference at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield.

The Highland students are part of a national student organization that provides opportunities for college agriculture students to experience individual growth, leadership, and career preparation through competition and cooperative activities.

During the conferences, students competed in individual and team contests highlighting a variety of agriculture career opportunities. The students also networked with industry professionals and other Illinois college students.

“I congratulate all the students that participated in the PAS activities throughout the year,” said Justin Ebert, a Highland agriculture instructor. “The students have had to deal with several challenges over the past few semesters and I admire their persistence and willingness to participate in this year’s conference.”

Below are the results from this year’s Illinois PAS Conference for Fall and Spring Semesters.

Fall Virtual Illinois PAS Conference results:

• Anna Johnson (Durand) – First Place in Agribusiness Management & Marketing Career Planning Project

• Alyssa Miller (Shannon) – First Place in Agricultural Education Career Planning Project

• Adriana Anderson (Belvidere) – Second Place in Feed and Animal Health Employment Interview

• Regan Scidmore (Chadwick) – Second Place in Dairy Production Employment Interview

• Sarah Fitzgerald (Belvidere) – Third Place in Dairy Production Employment Interview

• Kayla Blum (Polo) – Third Place in Agribusiness Sales Employment Interview

• Brooke Ewald (Byron) – Third Place in Livestock Production Employment Interview

• Brett Klein (Durand) – Participated in Fertilizer and Ag Chemicals Employment Interview

• Jase Sheffey (Pearl City) – Participated in the Crop Production Employment Interview

• Chase Greenfield (Forreston) – Participated in the Crop Production Employment Interview

Spring Illinois PAS Conference Results

• Lila Sloan (Davis) – First Place in Prepared Public Speaking with a speech about stress and mental health awareness among agriculture producers

• Anna Johnson was elected as 2nd Vice President for Illinois PAS to serve the 2022-2023 school year

• Equine Specialist Team finished in third place and the members were Anna Johnson, Brooke Ewald, and Callie Yerk (Cherry Valley)

The following members also participated in the conference:

• Alyssa Miller – Agriculture Education Teaching Demonstration

• Agriculture Quiz Bowl Team included Kayla Blum, Sarah Fitzgerald, Alex Leamon (Lena), Jase Sheffey, and Caleb Visel (Lena)

• Soil Specialist Team members were Kayla Blum, Megan Hagemann (Mt. Morris), and Jase Sheffey

• Crop Specialist Team consisted of Caleb Visel, Michelle Simler (Freeport), and Alex Leamon

• Dairy Specialist Team 1 members were Lila Sloan, Regan Scidmore, and Aleta Broge (Browntown, WI)

• Dairy Specialist Team 2 included Alex Leamon, Sarah Fitzgerald, and Michelle Simler

• Beef Specialist Team included Megan Hagemann, Anna Johnson, and Alyssa Miller

• Swine Specialist Team members were Lila Sloan, Aleta Broge, and Jase Sheffey

• Sheep Specialist Team participants were Caleb Visel, Brooke Ewald, and Kayla Blum

• Overall Livestock Specialist Team included Sarah Fitzgerald, Regan Scidmore, and Callie Yerk

For more information about Highland Agriculture including the Highland AG Club, contact Justin Ebert at or Monica Pierce at

Photo: (L-R): Kayla Blum, Megan Hagemann, Aleta Broge, Jase Sheffey, Alex Leamon, Caleb Visel; front row (L-R): Anna Johson, Brooke Ewald, Alyssa Miller, Michelle Simler, Lila Sloan, Regan Scidmore, Callie Yerk, Sarah Fitzgerald